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Our story

From borrowed land to market garden


At Small City Farm we are passionate about food.  Our urban farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality veggies for our local community.  Our farm is made up of several plots located in the "small city" of Nanaimo, on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

We started farming in 2012, on borrowed land, as a way to grow healthy food for our family.  We have since evolved into a unique and modern agricultural business operating within the south end of the city, just a short bike ride to our customers.  We are family-owned and operated, with a vision to grow a sustainable business founded on regenerative agricultural principles.

In 2017 we were very fortunate to be able to purchase our farm.  Currently operating on less than ½ acre land base, our crop plan is focused on high quality greens, culinary herbs, small root vegetables, tomatoes, and microgreens.

Matt & Willow Vardal

Join the Urban Farm

Do you have land in Nanaimo that you think could be farmed?  We operate on plots as small as 1500 square feet.  For larger parcels in the city, we have experience helping landowners obtain farm classification with BC Assessment, thereby saving them thousands of dollars a year in property taxes, all while producing more value per square foot.  Get in touch. 

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Our products

Baby Salad Greens


Our signature product features an alluring mix of baby lettuce and leafy greens.  Available most of the year with a revolving mix of seasonal greens. 



From salad toms, to cherries to the weird and wonderful world of Heirloom tomatoes.  Next available spring 2019.



We are starting microgreen production Fall 2018, and aim to have them available all year.

Root Veg


Carrots, radishes, beets, and salad turnips (Hakurai).  

Big Greens


We grow a variety of big greens like kale, Swiss chard and head lettuce.

Custom Requests


Are you a chef looking for a steady supply of Japanese shiso or yellow popcorn shoots? We can trial something for you. Lets talk.

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Small City Farm

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